About Us

- We design our clothing to be the peak combination of sexuality and usability and experiment with bright colors and wild ideas.
- All of Bona Fide leggings, jumpsuits, tops, skirts, shorts, and swimwear are issued in small collections and rarely repeat - so that your image would stay unique.
- We use only high-quality materials and quality control procedures to ensure the best output.
- Our already extensive range of products is expanding every month.
- Bona Fide clothing can be used for dancing, yoga, pilates, gym, and just as everyday clothing - it suits your image perfectly.


It all started back in 2015 when we faced a problem finding leggings that would have exclusive design while shaping the figure. To fill the void, we designed and produced a few samples for ourselves. After announcing them on Instagram, we got a lot of response and activity, and we understood that we need to proceed. So, we founded the Bona Fide.

Initially, we were using outside production while taking the promo pictures on the phone in the mirror at home. The second stage was just a regular rented apartment with sewing equipment and storage. The third one was 300 sq.m, had seven sewing machines aside with new equipment, a designer, and a well-equipped warehouse.

At the moment we occupy 2700 sq.m building, equipped with the latest and best equipment. Our team consists of 100 employees. We produce more than 18000 items and counting monthly, covering all the steps from initial design to the sale to the end customer.

We exist to create bright, feminine sportswear for women who want to stand out.

Be brighter with Bona Fide!

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